Tanzania – 22 Died in Tropical Cyclone Jobo Floods Says Red Cross

Following recent damage assessments, the Red Cross reports that as many as 22 people died and over 30,000 were affected in Tanzania following the passage of Tropical Cyclone Jobo in late April.

Tropical Cyclone Jobo formed over the south-western Indian Ocean around 20 April, 2021, and moved west-northwest towards the eastern coast of Tanzania. Heavy rain was reported in the Seychelles and Comoros as the storm made its way over the Indian Ocean, before the storm made landfall on 24 April in areas of south of Pwani and Dar es Salaam regions, Tanzania.

At the time there was sparse information regarding the effects of Tropical Cyclone Jobo. Local media expressed relief as tropical cyclone Jobo appeared to have weakened. weak land fall in Dar es Salaam

However in a report of 13 May 2021, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said damage assessments revealed 8 regions (Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Shinyanga, Kagera, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Zanzibar Island and Morogoro) of Tanzania were affected by strong winds and flash floods, which had continued for some days after the storm made landfall.

IFRC said that, as of April 30, a total of 6,001 households (30,005 people) were reported directly affected and 22 people had died.

Tropical cyclones making landfall in Tanzania are extremely rare. The last cyclone to do so was Cyclone Lindi of 1952.