Floods in Mali

An estimated 4,000 people have been affected by floods in the Kidal region of Mali. Hundreds of houses were destroyed in the floods. Particularly badly hit were areas around Adjelhoc and Tessalit where over 100 houses were destroyed and a further 100 or more damaged. Authorities have issued a flood warning for the upper Sankarani basin area. Of notable concern is the increased risk of water-borne disease brought by the flood waters, should the water become contaminated.

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Drought rather than flooding is typically considered more of a threat in this region of Mali. Elsewhere in the country, flooding of the Niger River delta in Mali occurs fairly regularly in the rainy season, which runs from around June to December. Mali does experience occasional flash flooding, for example, in Bandiagara in 2007, where 12,000 people were affected.

Mali’s Kidal region borders Algeria and Niger, both of which have seen floods in the last few days. The town of Bordj Badji Mokhtar in Adrar, Algeria, close to the Mali border, also recently saw flash floods on 11th August after one hour of torrential rainfall. Flash floods struck in Niger on 20th August in Zinder and Maradi.

Source: ECHO