Ghana – Floods Turn Deadly in Accra

Flooding in in the city of Accra, Ghana has left 1 dead and 2 missing.

Heavy rain began during the late hours of 08 June, with wide areas of the capital flooded soon after. The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), speaking to local TV news, said 1 person died in the Odawna area of the city. The search for two missing people continues. Military personnel and NADMO have rescued at least 20 people trapped in the flooding.

NADMO is carrying out damage assessments and relief operations in affected areas. Flooding damaged or destroyed buildings and possessions. Some people have evacuated their homes, in particular in areas around Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

Images in news reports and Social Media showed areas of the city swamped with water and garbage. Accra is notoriously vulnerable to flooding, and its poor drainage system, often blocked by garbage and silt, comes in for regular criticism.

The recent flooding comes almost exactly 5 years after the horrific flood and fire disaster that struck the city in 2015. During a downpour and flooding, an explosion at a petrol station leaving as many as 150 people dead. Many of the victims had sought shelter at the station due to torrential rain.

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