Kenya Floods Update, 2013

Sadly it seems that Kenya is still suffering from flash floods. Reports from Nairobi are suggesting that up to 32 lives have been lost due to the flooding over the last few day. There are also reports from the Red Cross in Kenya that 14 people have been injured, although how seriously we do not know. It is believed that people are also missing as a result of the flash floods.

The Kenya Red Cross statement said:

“Several parts of the country especially the coast and Western Kenya regions have been affected by flooding, following an increased heavy downpour countrywide”

The floods have been caused by a series of torrential rain storms, which, although expected at this time of the year (Kenya’s rainy season) have been unpredictably heavy this time around. As many as 4,000 families – about 18,000 residents – in the low lying areas which are prone to flooding, have been displaced or evacuated to higher ground. The Kenyan government has since advised all people living in flood-prone areas to move to higher ground. Most of the 18,000 were in western Kenya.

There has been some destruction of property and infrastructure byu the flood waters, such as the transport system, which has resulted in disruption.

Red Cross spokesperson Nelly Mulika

“The most common destruction in these areas is collapsed latrines, contamination of water sources, and total collapse of houses, food stores destroyed, farms swept away and livestocks dead,”

Sources: News Track India, News 24

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