Mali Floods Update

On 29th August FloodList reported that floods had struck the Mali capital, Bamako on 28th August after torrential rainfall. Initial reports said that 24 people had died in the flooding.

Updated reports from Mali now say that 37 people died in the floods in the city. Some of the victims were living in mud-walled homes that collapsed under the flood water. Others were living in areas of the city without proper drainage systems or on flood plains by the river banks.

Around 20,000 have been directly affected by the floods, with almost 9,000 of them now living in temporary shelter. Seven schools have been transformed to house the victims. The schools are being managed by the communes with the support of the central government. The remainder of the victims are still living on their land – often in damaged or flooded houses – or with host families.

Food stocks have been lost or damaged, as have wells, water supply generally and latrines. There is an increased fear of the spread of malaria and water-borne diseases as a result of the stagnating flood water.

Bamako, standing on the banks of the Niger river, often suffers from flooding around the rainy season. However, some reports are claiming that the recent flood in Bamako was more severe than previous floods. One eye witness, Mamadou Bakayoko, a local farmer, said that river levels are 5 metres higher than he has seen before.

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Sources: ReliefWeb