Typhoon Toraji Brings Floods to Japan

Further heavy rainfall is expected across western Japan over the next few days as a result of the fallout from Typhoon Toraji. Earlier this week the city of Tamba in Hyogo Prefecture saw 9.4cm of rain and Minamisatsuma in Kagoshima Prefecture 6.85cm of rain in 24 hours. As Toraji made landfall in Kyushu earlier today, it was expected to bring with it over 30cm of rain in just 24 hours on Thursday 5th September.

Evacuations were made in Ehime, Tottori, Okayama and Shimane. There have already been evacuations in Kumamoto and Kagoshima after heavy rains and floods left houses submerged earlier this week. 6,600 residents of Taka in Hyogo Prefecture were told to evacuate their homes as water levels in nearby rivers were rising to danger levels. Landslides as well as flooding pose a serious threat.

Japan’s meteorological agency warned that the prolonged heavy rainfall might lead to floods and landslides. It urged those in threatened areas to evacuate for their own safety.

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Sources: Japan Daily Press