Flash Floods in Tunisia

Le Kef Governorate in north western Tunisia suffered from massive floods after a torrential rainfall. At least 500 families have been evacuated from their homes. The worst affected areas are understood to be Merja and Wed Blau Slaa.

The Tunisia Times claims there are few if any flood defences in the area. Heavy rainfall soon resulted in high river levels, as well as valley areas being flooded. The flood waters soon reached villages and populated areas in the region. The

Rescue teams, which included fire fighters and members of the National Guard, were called upon to help with the evacuations. Some victims were stranded for some time and had to spend the evening on the roofs of their houses in order to avoid the flood waters. There has been reported damage to houses and vehicles, but no fatalities.

Tunisia suffered from terrible flooding in both February and November last year. However, by far the worst floods came in 1969, when Tunisia endured 38 days of rain during September and October. Flooding left 600 people dead, 300,000 displaced and 70,000 homes destroyed.

Tunisia’s neighbour, Algeria, has also suffered from floods this year, in Adrar State in mid August.

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Sources: The Tunisia Times