Floods Kill 8 in Vietnam

The Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control in Vietnam have reported that floods and landslides in northern Vietnam over the last 2 days have resulted in 8 deaths. 10 other people are still missing, and 14 people have been injured. As much as 17cm of rain fell during the night of Wednesday 4th September and the morning of the Thursday 5th.

The flooding and landslides occurred in Ha Giang province, Lai Chau and Lao Cai, where 4 of the victims died. Several houses – some reports claim around 12 – have been damaged and crops decimated. The Committee reported that almost 120 hectares of crops and fish ponds have been affected, although other reports claim it is now as much as 1,700 hectares.

The floods were caused by heavy rainfall which first began around 3rd September, and continued for the next few days. Further heavy rainfall is expected in the region, and the committee has issued a flood warning.

Five people died during flash floods in Vietnam’s northern province of So’n La at the beginning of August. Neighbouring country, Laos, has also suffered from flooding during this year’s monsoon, and an estimated 116,518 people have been affected by floods there.

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Sources: Xinhuanet