Niger – 5 Killed in Niamey Flash Floods

Over 50 people have now died in floods in Niger after heavy rainfall recently caused severe damage and 5 fatalities in the capital, Niamey.

Floods in Niger, July 2021. Photo: UNOCHA Niger

Flooding has affected areas of the country since the rainy season began in mid-June. As of 11 August 2021, the Directorate of Civil Protection in Niger reported 52 fatalities and more than 50,00 people affected from 5,694 households. Floods and rainfall has damaged 4,137 houses with around 300 completely destroyed.

The capital, Niamey, saw heavy rainfall 10 to 11 August, 2021. Local media reported 5 people lost their lives in flash floods after some areas of the city saw more than 140 mm of rain during the downpour.

Flooding caused damage to roads, infrastructure and buildings. Some districts were left isolated. Around 17 houses collapsed in the Yantala district, where 3 people died, one was missing and 2 people seriously injured.

Levels of the Niger river which runs through the city have started to rise, although the river is still well below alert levels in Niamey according to figures from Niger Basin Authority (NBA). As of 13 August, the river stood at 3.89 metres and is expected to rise over 4 metres in the coming days. First or yellow alert levels is 5.25 metres.

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