USA – 1 Dead After Floods in El Paso, Texas

One person died and another was seriously injured after torrential rain and flooding caused the wall of a house to collapse in El Paso, Texas, on 12 August 2021.

The victims were attempting to evacuate the house before the wall collapsed. “Firefighters worked to extricate the victims from under the wall as the living room continued to flood. Fire and Medical Services transported both to an area hospital where the woman was pronounced deceased,” El Paso city officials said.

Further heavy rainfall since then has left wide areas of the city of El Paso were under torrents of water. Sandbags are being distributed to protect property. El Paso emergency services responded to several incidents of vehicles stranded or swept away after drivers attempted to drive through the floods. Roads were also flooded across the border in Mexico, causing traffic disruption in Ciudad Juárez.

National Weather Service, El Paso, said 3.75 inches (95.25 mm) of rain fell during 12 August in Northeast El Paso. More rain is expected over the weekend and Flash Flood Warnings remain in effect.

Flooding was reported in the area in late June and it has been a very wet period for the city so far this year.

NWS said that El Paso Airport has recorded 9.62 inches (244.34 mm) of rain so far this year. “Our normal for the ENTIRE year is 8.78 inches (223mm). We have 4.5 months left to this year!” NWS said.

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