South Africa – Floods Hit Johannesburg Area, 1 Killed in Limpopo Province

Heavy rain in the Johannesburg area yesterday caused flooding on some major roads to the east of the city. Meanwhile a storm and floods in Limpopo have left at least one person dead and many homeless.


A short period of heavy rain on Johannesburg’s East Rand on Thursday 17 December 2015 caused flooding on some of the area’s major roads, in particular the N12.

Springs, a city in Johannesburg’s East Rand, Gauteng province of South Africa, recorded around 33 mm of rain on 17 December. Local media report that nearby Benoni was one of the worst affected areas.

The floods have caused major traffic problems. There have been numerous stranded cars and collisions as a result of the flooding. Local media reported of drivers saving others stranded in the flood waters. However, no fatalities or casualties have been reported.


Meanwhile in South Africa’s Limpopo province, at least one person died and many were left homeless after a storm on Monday 14 December 2015 triggered severe flooding in a number of villages in the area.

Police said yesterday they have recovered the body of a man believed to have been swept away by floods in Boyne, Limpopo.

Talking to ANA, police spokeswoman Colonel Ronel Otto said “The vehicle was swept off the road during heavy rains on Monday. The driver of the vehicle managed to escape but his passenger, a 26-year-old man, was swept away by the flood water.”

According to WMO figures, Lydenburg recorded 93.0 mm of rain in a 24 hour period to 14 December 2015. Tzaneen saw 124 mm of rain and Nelspruit 64 mm during the same period.

Storms struck in the province during November causing severe damage in 3 districts.

Zimbabwe and Mozambique

There has also been some heavy rain in neighbouring Zimbabwe and Mozambique over the last few days. Rusape in Zimbabwe recorded 76 mm in 24 hours to 18 December and Beira in Mozambique 104 mm during the same period.

Meanwhile in northern Zimbabwe, levels at the Kariba hydropower dam had fallen to 17 percent of capacity from 53 percent a year ago in early December, according to Bloomberg. The fall was the result of decreased water inflows from the Zambezi river amid below average rainfall.

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