Floods in Aceh Province, Indonesia – 1 Dead and Over 50,000 Affected

The National Disaster Management Authority – Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB) – in Indonesia report that flooding in Aceh Province since 11 December 2015 has affected over 50,000 people and left at least one person dead.

Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA) say that West Aceh, Aceh Jaya, Nagan Raya and Aceh Selatan are worst hit. Flooding also occurred in East Aceh and Pidie. The fatality reportedly occurred in Labuhan Haji, Aceh Selatan.

In West Aceh, flooding was reported in 112 villages in 11 districts. affecting around 14,000 people and damaging roads and one bridge. In Aceh Jaya, floods affected around 7,000 people in 28 villages across four districts. Nearly 30,000 people were affected in Nagan Raya and one person died and 11 districts were flooded in Aceh Selatan, according to BNPD reports.

The flooding has since started to recede. BNPD say that the peak of the rainy season in Aceh Province is from November to December. They add that floods are seen in this region almost every year and that better management of the rivers is necessary to avoid future flooding issues.

Parts of Malaysia have also experienced flooding since 11 December 2015, including the states of Selangor, Johor, Melaka and Perak.

Floods in Penang, Malaysia, December 2015. Photo: Bomba Malaysia
Floods in Penang, Malaysia, December 2015. Photo: Bomba Malaysia