Tanzania Floods – Two Dead After Train Derailed

Prolonged heavy rain across areas of Tanzania triggered floods that began on Thursday 27 March 2014. The flooding was so severe that a cargo train was derailed in Gulwe, Mpwapwa district, in central Tanzania’s Dodoma Region.

Two people have been reported as killed in incident and around 7 injured. Several people are still missing after being swept away by floodwater after the derailment. The search for the missing continues.

It is understood that the train was en route from Dar es Salaam. The train was headed to the lakes area of the country, although the reports vary as to the exact destination of the train, with some claiming it was heading to Kigoma and other to Mwanza, a port town on lake Victoria. A train crashed killed over 200 people in June 2002 in Igandu, Dodoma Region, in one of Tanzania’s worst rail accidents.

Many areas of Tanzania have been suffering from flooding over the last 7 days. Hundreds of people were displaced by floods in villages near Bukoba, Kagera Region, north west Tanzania, after heavy rains of around 65mm triggered floods that destroyed around 50 houses. Those living in flood-prone areas have been asked to evacuate to higher, safer ground.

Further heavy rainfall is expected, with some storms and strong winds. The Tanzania Meteorological Agency has warned the country will experience severe weather until April.

Sources: Xinhua Net; Pesa Times