Tunisia – Floods Leave 6 Dead After Days of Heavy Rain

At least 6 people have died in floods after days of heavy rainfall in Tunisia.

Heavy rainfall began around 05 September when Kairouan, capital of the Kairouan Governorate in the north of the country, recorded 89mm of rain in 24 hours. Monastir recorded 47.8 mm of rain, Mahdia 44.4 mm and Sidi Bouzid 58 mm during the same period. Mahdia recorded more than 40mm of rain in 24 hours in 4 separate days between 05 and 11 September. Institut national de la météorologie-Tunisie issued wanings for further heavy rainfall on 13 September.

Flooding and related fatalities were reported in the governorates of Monastir, Jendouba, Mahdia, Sidi Bouzid and Tunis, according to the country’s Civil Protection Agency. Floods struck several districts of the capital, Tunis on 10 September. Some areas were under 1 metre of water, leaving roads impassable and buildings damaged.

Parts of neighbouring Algeria also suffered heavy rainfall and flooding during this period. Media reports said at least 2 people died, dozens were rescued and hundreds of homes damaged.

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