Sri Lanka – Storms Leave 3 Dead, Flooding in Gampaha

The Disaster Management Centre (DMC) in Sri Lanka reports that stormy weather including strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding, has affected almost 40,000 people in the country since 06 September.

The worst of the heavy rainfall struck from 09 September, with flooding reported in the districts of Puttalam and Gampaha, with strong winds and urban flooding affecting areas around the capital, Colombo.

Almost 30,000 people were affected by floods in Gampaha, with over 17,000 of them in Wattala and 8,000 in Kelaniya. A total of 458 people were displaced and staying in relief accommodation in the district. Meanwhile around 2,000 people were affected by severe weather in Puttalam and 7,000 in Colombo District.

According to DMC, 1 person died in flooding in Mahara in Gampaha. Two other fatalities were reported as result of storm damage in Colombo and Rathnapura Districts.