Uganda – Rain Triggers Deadly Floods and Landslides in Kasese

Three people died and one was injured after heavy rain triggered floods and landslides in western Uganda.

Landslide Kilembe, Kases, Uganda, May 2021. Photo: Uganda Red Cross

According to reports from the Uganda Red Cross, 2 young people died and 1 was injured after heavy rain triggered a landslide in Kilembe, Kasese District in the Western Region of Uganda on 23 May 2021. One house was partially destroyed in the landslide.

Uganda Red Cross later reported that 19 households, consisting of 133 individuals, have evacuated their homes due to the threat or damage caused by landslides in the area.

Red Cross also reported that the body of a woman was found after being swept away by flood waters of the Nyamwamba River in Kasese District.

Heavy rain has affected parts of Western Uganda over the last 10 days. On 14 May, some schools in Kasese District were closed as a result.

On 19 May, Uganda Red Cross reported rising levels for rivers in Kasese District, including the Mponwe in Bwera close to the border with Democratic Republic of the Congo. Red Cross said teams were monitoring the situation and disseminating early warning messages.

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