Malaysia – Thousands Evacuate Floods in Sabah and Sarawak

Over 5,000 people have been forced from their homes after days of flooding in East Malaysia.

Malaysia’s National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) reported flooding in parts of Sabah State from 17 May 2021. Areas in the neighbouring state of Sarawak were flooded from 20 May.

In Sabah, 4,221 people were displaced in Tenom district and 574 people in Beaufort district as of 22 May, 2021. NADMA said 42 evacuation centres have been set up to house those displaced.

Meanwhile in Sarawak state, 426 people had moved from their homes after flooding in Limbang District as of early 22 May. Eleven evacuation centres have been set up by authorities to house those displaced.

Lawas in Limbang Division recorded almost 200 mm of rain in 48 hours to 20 May. Kota Kinabalu, capital of Sabah state recorded 140.2 mm of rain of rain in 24 hours to 19 May 2021 and a further 132.6 mm the following 24 hours period.

The Padas River at Beaufort is well above the danger mark (8.7 metres) standing at 9.56 metres as of 22 May.

Areas of both states saw severe flooding in January this year.