Zimbabwe – Deadly Storms and Floods in Manicaland

At least 2 people have died in severe weather including flash floods in Manicaland Province, eastern Zimbabwe.

Flood and storm damage in Chipinge, Zimbabwe, November 2020. Photo: Chief Svosve II

Local media report that flooding struck from 04 November after 2 days of storms and rain. One person was swept away by flash floods in Chipinge, close to the border with Mozambique, on 05 November, where crops, bridges, homes and a school were severely damaged.

Meanwhile another person died in Odzi, about 130km north of Chipinge, after being struck by lightning. Buildings were damaged by strong winds in parts of Chipinge and Buhera. Hailstorms affected parts of Nyanga.

The flash flooding is in stark contrast to ongoing drought conditions affecting wide areas of the country.

In May this year, Zimbabwe’s second biggest city of Bulawayo limited access to tap water to just one day a week.

Just days ago, in response to the 2019/2020 El Niño induced drought, Zimbabwe Red Cross distributed vouchers for food supplies to 4,000 households across Chipinge and Mwenezi Districts.

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