1 Dead After Flooding in Dominican Republic

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Torrential rain since Saturday 01 November 2014 led to flooding in Cibao region, northern Dominican Republic. Nearly 60 mm of rain fell in Puerto Plata during 24 hours from 02 to 03 November 2014, according to WMO. Further flooding is possible and flood warnings have been issued for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

According to local emergency authorities, at least one person has been killed in the flooding, and around 100 homes inundated. The victim died after he was swept away by a swollen river in Santiago Rodriguez province.

In Dajabón province, the Dajabón River (also called Massacre River) has burst its banks, forcing over 100 families to evacuate after their homes were inundated. Flooding also caused damage to crops and livestock.


The Dajabón River marks the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is likely that flooding has also affected communities on the Haitian side of the river, although there are as yet no reports to confirm this.

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Neighbouring islands including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, have been warned of possible flash floods over the next 24 hours. According to NOAA (the US Weather Agency) a weather system will mean slow moving thunderstorms in the area, capable of producing torrential rains in a short period. In addition, recent heavy rains over the past few days has resulted in saturated soils and above average streamflows. Runoff from any additional rain will result in flooding as rivers will react quickly.

File Photo. Floods in Dominican Republic, September 2000. Photo:  Claudia Scholz
File Photo. Floods in Dominican Republic, September 2000. Photo: Claudia Scholz