3 Dead, 60 Injured After Floods in Jordan and Israel

Local media in Jordan have said that at least 3 people have died in flooding affecting the north west of the country. Two people died in Amman after being trapped in a flooded basement. A further victim died in Irbid after she was swept away by flood water outside her home.

Jordan’s Civil Defence Department (CDD) say that at least 54 people were injured in separate incidents after they were trapped by flood water in areas around Wadi Karja, Zarka Maein and Wadi Al Hamra.



Parts of Israel have also been affected by the prolonged heavy rainfall. Over 82 mm of rain fell in 24 hours between 03 and 04 November 2014 at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv.

Flooding was reported in Holon, Bat Yam, Yehud and also in Jerusalem where four people were injured. The flooding has caused damage to roads and some buildings, although no other injuries or deaths have been reported.