Argentina – Damaging Flash Floods in Catamarca

A severe storm brought torrential rainfall to Catamarca Province, Argentina, on 01 March 2021. Severe damages were reported in the city of Catamarca.

Flood damaged homes in Catamarca, Argentina, March 2021. Photo: Civil Defence Catamarca

Warnings for severe weather were issued and the Civil Defence Directorate asked residents to stay in their homes “in the face of the strong storm in the Central Valley area and inland towns.”

Local media reported 90 mm of rain in 1 hour in the city of Catamarca. Buildings, road and infrastructure were damaged and power and drinking water supply cut. Around 20 families were evacuated and over 240 buildings damaged including a the San Juan Bautista Hospital.

The government of Catamarca said the worst hit areas include the districts of Villa Eumelia, Virgen Niña, Papa Francisco and Antapoca. Mattresses, water, food, clothing and other essential items are being distributed to affected families. Local government teams are assisting clean-up operations and pumping flood water.

Elsewhere in the province, around 10 families were evacuated after flooding in Tinogasta. Drinking water supply has been affected in the city of Belén. Other affected areas include Ambato, Fray Mamerto Esquiú, La Merced and Valle Viejo.

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