Brazil – Floods in Grande Do Sul After a Month’s Worth of Rain in 2 Hours

Heavy rainfall hit the municipality of Lagoa Vermelha in the state of Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, from late 01 March 2021. Strong winds and lightning were also reported.

Flood damages in Lagoa Vermelha, Brazil, March 2021. Photo: Lagoa Vermelh Municiplaity Government

Flooding damaged homes and roads. After carrying out initial assessments, the municipal government said at least 32 houses were severely damaged, some even destroyed, leaving families homeless. The municipality is considering declaring a state of emergency as a result of the damage.

Much of the damage was in the neighbourhood of Rodrigues. Centro, Gaúcha, Medianeira, Gentil and São Sebastião neighbourhoods were also badly affected.

Civil Defence reported rainfall totals of 112.2 mm in just two hours. Local observers suggested the rainfall was over 220mm. The city would see around 118 mm of rain during a typical February.

Floods in Lagoa Vermelha, March 2021. Photo: Civil Defence Rio Grande do Sul

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