Bolivia Farms Decimated by Floods

Oscar Cabrera, the Deputy Minister of the Bolivian Civil Defense, today gave some official figures regarding the ongoing flood disaster that Bolivia has endured since late December.

According to his official figures the flooding has destroyed as many as 1,600 houses. Snr. Cabrera also confirmed what many had already suspected regarding the huge toll the floods have taken on the country’s agricltural sector. He said that 63,000 hectares of crops have been totally destroyed. Worse still, the flooding has wreaked havoc on the nation’s cattle farmers, with as many as 110,000 livestock killed as a result of the floods. Some local rancher’s associations, such as Fegabeni in Beni, would put this figure much higher.

All departments but two – Oruro and Tarija – have declared a state of emergency as a result of the flooding. Snr Cabrera also said that the government has a reconstruction plan that will include all departments. The government’s aid and relief efforts have been criticised for being too little and too slow to arrive, particularly for the long-suffering department of Beni.

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