Bolivia Floods – 2 Dead in Santa Cruz, Flood Warnings in Beni

The department of Santa Cruz in Bolivia has experienced heavy rainfall over the last few days, with 66 mm recorded in 24 hours on 05 January 2015 in San Ignacio de Velasco.

Local media are reporting that levels of the Piray and Grande rivers are dangerously high. Two people have died in the flooding in the last 2 days, and a community of around 20 people has been left isolated by the floods in the municipality of San Pedro. A team of relief and rescue workers has been deployed to provide food and provisions for the affected community.

Elsewhere in Bolivia, the department of Beni is once again faced with severe flooding after heavy rainfall increased river levels. Nearly 100 mm of rain fell in 24 hours in Riberalta on 05 January 2015.

According to local media Deputy Minister of Civil Defense, Oscar Cabrera said that orange level alerts have been issued for areas near the rivers of Mamoré, Madre de Dios, Ibare and Yacuma.

The population of Beni suffered greatly in the massive and seemingly endless flooding that struck in February 2014. See our report “No Home, No Land – The Tragedy of Beni, Bolivia” for an account of the suffering experienced by the people of Beni.

10 Killed in Severe Weather Since October 2014

The rainy season in Bolivia usually runs from October to March. According to a statement made by the Deputy Minister of the Civil Defence, rains, hailstorms and floods in Bolivia since October 2014 have left 10 people dead, 3 missing, more than 5,700 families homeless and damaged 4,609 hectares of crops.

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