Canada – $10 Funding for 30 British Columbia Flood Mitigation Projects

Federal and provincial funding of around $10.7 million has been announced to support work on 30 flood mitigation projects in British Columbia, Canada.

Additionally, some municipalities and non-government organizations partnered with British Columbia to provide an additional $1.4 million in support of projects.

The project is under Canada’s National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP).

Through the NDMP, the Government of Canada is helping to address rising flood risks and costs, and build the foundation for informed investments that could reduce, or even negate, the effects of flood events. Funding is available for risk assessments, flood mapping, mitigation planning and small-scale mitigation projects such as storm culverts.

The 30 projects include several small-scale structural mitigation projects, flood mitigation planning for several communities, completion of risk assessments and identifying specific impacts of flood events.

The projects involving completion of risk assessments could prove vital. In 2017 a survey by University of Waterloo found that 94 percent of respondents were unaware of the flood risk to their homes.

Some areas of British Columbia were badly affected by flooding in June 2016 and again in May 2017 where 2 people died.

The Honourable Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General for British Columbia, said “With the 2017 floods still fresh in our minds, we are pleased to greenlight funding for projects that will help communities identify and mitigate flood risks. The B.C. government is committed to working collaboratively with the Federal and local governments to improve public safety and emergency preparedness for all British Columbians.”

Dawson Creek floods, British Columbia, Canada, June 2016. Photo: City of Dawson Creek