Colombia – Floods in Antioquia Leave 3 Dead, Thousands Affected

Overflowing rivers and flash floods have affected parts of Antioquia Department in northwest Colombia since mid-July 2021.

Flash floods along the Buey river in Montebello Municipality, Antioquia, Colombia left homes in danger of collapse after 40 metres of river bank were wiped out. Photo: DAGRAN

The department’s Administrative Department of Risk Management of Antioquia (DAGRAN) said 2 people died after their vehicles was swept away by flash floods in Santo Domingo municipality on 17 July. The victims were a local councillor and his wife.

Meanwhile one person died after heavy rains caused the sudden increase of the Buey river in Montebello Municipality. As many as 36 homes were in danger of collapsing into the river after the floods wiped out around 40 metres of river bank.

As many as 12 homes were severely damaged after landslides in Briceño municipality.

On 11 July, heavy rain caused several streams to overflow in Dabeiba municipality, leaving 17 villages isolated and affecting around 6,000 people. Local media said the hardest hit areas were Camparrusia and San José de Urama where roads and 6 homes were destroyed.