Colombia – Hundreds of Homes Damaged After Floods and Landslides in Atlántico

Authorities in Colombia report flooding and landslides in 13 municipalities of Atlántico Department in the north of the country on the Caribbean Sea.

Flood and landslide damage in Atlántico, Colombia, November 2022. Photo: Government of Atlántico, Colombia

Heavy rain has been falling since 05 November. Local media said the rain fell continuously for a period of more than 30 hours.

As of 07 November, Civil Defence reported floods in Campo De La Cruz, Luruaco, Malambo, Repelón and Santo Tomás municipalities. The rain has also triggered landslides which have damaged homes and infrastructure and impacted lives in Barranquilla, Galapa, Piojó, Polonuevo, Puerto Colombia, Sabanagrande, Sabanalarga and Usiacurí.

At least 84 homes have been completely destroyed including 22 in Repelón, 18 in Luruaco and 10 each in Piojó and Santo Tomás. A further 585 homes have been damaged. As of 07 November around 2,700 people had been affected but no injuries or fatalities were reported.

In Piojó, over 80 families affected by the landslides have been relocated with the support of relief agencies.

Neighbouring parts of Bolivar Department have also seen heavy rain. Eleven people were injured after the roof of a nightclub collapsed early on 06 November following heavy rain in the city of Cartagena.

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