Dominican Republic – Deadly Floods Hit Santo Domingo

Torrential rain caused damaging floods in southern parts of the Dominican Republic on 04 November 2022. Authorities report hundreds of homes and vehicles were damaged, and at least 6 people have lost their lives.

Flooding has also affected other countries in the Caribbean over the last few days, including Guadeloupe, Saint Lucia and Dominica.

Floods in Saint Lucia 06 November 2022. Photo: Office of the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia

Dominican Republic

The country’s meteorology agency Oficina Nacional de Meteorología (ONAMET) reported 232.2 mm of rain fell in El Millón in the city of Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional on 04 November. Much of that total fell in just a few hours.

Authorities reported at least six people have died as a result of flooding, walls collapsing or electrocution. Teams from Civil Defence, firefighters and military are searching for several other people thought to be missing in the floods along the Ozama and Isabela rivers.

The worst affected areas are in the Distrito Nacional which includes the capital city Santo Domingo, along with surrounding areas of Santo Domingo Province. Around 350 homes were flooded in Los Alcarrizos municipality, Santo Domingo province.

President Luis Abinader has instructed government departments to assist the flood victims. More than 25,000 food rations have been delivered affected communities in Los Platanitos, Quisqueya, Arroyo Hondo, Los Alcarrizos and Pedro Brand, among others. Emergency kits including sleeping mats, sheets and mosquito nets have also been distributed.

A mobile hospital has been setup by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS) in Los Girasoles to assist the victims, distribute medical supplies and prevent the emergence of waterborne diseases.

Local observers said the rainfall totals were around twice the monthly average. President Abinader added that poor drainage in the capital compounded the flooding.

Rainfall Dominican Republic 04 November 2022 – ONAMET

Saint Lucia

Heavy rain has also taken its toll in other parts of the Caribbean, including Guadeloupe, Dominica and Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia Prime Minister Philip J Pierre said floods and landslides in the north of the island on 06 November 2022 left families with major damage and loss of property.

Floods in Saint Lucia 06 November 2022.Guade Photo: Office of the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia

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