Colombia – Over 4,500 Affected by Floods in Nariño Department

Over 4,500 people have been affected by flooding in Nariño Department, Colombia.

Heavy rain fell between 31 March and 02 April in Magüí Payán municipality and catchment areas of the River Magüí. Consequently the river overflowed, causing flooding in 11 districts of the municipality.

According to a UN report (pdf) of 06 April, 2018, around 4,570 people (830 families) were affected by the overflow of the Magüí River, and at least 828 homes (613 urban and 217 rural) are in risk areas prone to flooding.

The Municipal Committee of Risk Management reports two damaged houses, loss of crops and difficulty in the development of agricultural activities and livestock through floods. Education has been interrupted for 1,778 children and adolescents of school age.