Floods in Cusco, Peru

Torrential rain in Peru’s southern Andean Cusco region earlier this week led to landslides, severe flooding and around 16,000 people left isolated and several hundred homeless.

According to local authorities, the area has seen constant rainfall for the last 15 days, but it had been particularly heavy for around several hours on 31 December and 1 January. This resulted in dangerously high levels of the Quillabamba River, which eventually burst its banks on Wednesday 1 January 2014. Homes were damaged or destroyed and people were forced to evacuate.

The heavy rainfall also led to a landslide in a settlement near the Quellomayo river. Local media reports that as many as 100 people were affected, in particular around 25 homeless families who had made temporary accommodation near the landfall site. Six houses in the nearby village also collapsed and the flooding and landslide blocked local roads.

In the small town of Quellouno, in La Convencion province, the local mayor has declared a state of emergency after sever flooding there. The region is remote and flooding has left communities isolated. Emergency and rescue teams have been sent to the area and work has begun to repair and strengthen river banks.

Floods in La Convencion, Peru
Floods in La Convencion, Peru. Photo: La republica

The districts of Ocobamba in Chincheros province, and Yanatile in Calca provincehave also been affected by the heavy rainfall.

Sources: La Republica; RPP; Peru This Week; Xinhua