Brazil Floods – Espirito Santo Situation Worsens

Last week we reported on the flash floods and landslides across south east Brazil. The worst affected states were Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. Six people died in a landslide caused by flooding and heavy rainfall in Minas Gerais.

The heavy rainfall has continued over the weekend, especially in the state of Espírito Santo, which saw 85mm if rainfall in just 24 hours in Vitoria between 21 and 22 December. The heavy rainfall has resulted in widespread severe flooding and further landslides. Further heavy rainfall is forecast for the next 24 hours at least.

The municipality of Santa Leopoldina in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo is reportedly one of the worst affected in the state, and is completely cut off after roads were blocked by flood water.

Espirito Santo Brazil
Espirito Santo Brazil – Photo:

Local media are reporting that the floods have caused the deaths of five people in Espírito Santo. Since the heavy rain first began over 1 week ago, 44 municipalities have been affected across the state, forcing as many as 20,902 people to evacuate to safety. Around 3,535 of the evacuees are staying in relief centres, while the rest have had to find accommodation with family or friends. The floods have also reportedly damaged thousands of homes.

The state governor Renato Casagrande declared a state of emergency in 78 municipalities of Espírito Santo. Rescue efforts in the region are being carried out by emergency services and military, including a Brazil Airforce helicopter.

Sources: Globo