More Dead in Itaoca, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Update 17 Jauary 2014
Brazilian authorities have said that two more bodies have been found in the landslide and flood disaster and the death toll has now risen to 14. The flash floods and landslides struck Itaoca, the small Brazilian town in southeastern state of Sao Paulo on Monday 13 January.

The authorities also sadi that there are still some people missing and it is feared that the death toll could rise further. Howevere, rescue teams are struggling to reach the remote areas, especially since many roads have been blocked or wiped out by flood water and landslides.

Original Report from 14 January 2014

Brazil’s Civil Defence Department has reported today that floods and landslides in a small village in the state of Sao Paulo have killed at least 10 people and a further 10 are missing.

The floods hit the small town of Itaoca on Monday 13 January 2014 after 5 hours of heavy rainfall through the night, Sunday to Monday. The heavy rain led to the overflowing of the Palmital River, forcing 300 to leave their homes for temporary shelter. Roads have been blocked and there is currently no power or clean water in the town.


This latest tragedy comes in a line of fatalities resulting from floods in Brazil. The Brazilian states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo suffered from severe flooding from 19 December 2013. Earlier in December, parts of the state of Rio de Janiero were under water. At least 16 people died in landslides in Bahia on 8 December 2013.

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