La Plata: The $ Billion Floods

And so the clear up of the floods in Buenos Aires and neighboring La Plata begins.

According to the National News Agency of Argentina, Télam

The Municipality of La Plata reported that some 350,000 inhabitants were affected by last week’s floods, which produced losses estimated at AR$2.6 billion.

The 350,000 inhabitants came from an estimated 58,000 homes across the city, especially in the northern part of the area. The flooding was a result of huge rainfall of around 40 centimeters, which brought chaos across the city just days after La Plata’s larger neighbor to the north, Buenos Aires, had been hit.

According to the information provided to Télam

58,000 houses were damaged by the floods, equivalent to one quarter of the City’s dwellings.

The most affected zone is La Plata’s Northern area, part of its West section and the neighborhoods of Ringuelet, Tolosa, Los Hornos, San Carlos, San Lorenzo, Villa Elvira and Barrio Aeropuerto.

It seems that help and donations have been pouring in for the victims in La Plata, leading the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires Daniel Scioli, to say that the number of contributions for the flood victims:

“have surpassed all our expectations and we are deeply thankful to the population. But we now need a pause to set new priorities for the needs of the victims”.

Although roads have been blocked and the transport system in chaos, it seems that the city has fuel at the pumps, at least, according to Télam:

The national oil company YPF announced yesterday that 70 trucks departed from its La Plata refinery to guarantee the fuel supply to its gas stations in that city.

The company reported that the refinery’s terminal worked normally, thus avoiding lack of fuel in the stations.

The refinery’s activities had been affected earlier last week by a fire caused by the storm that hit the city and that damaged the Topping C unit, now undergoing repairing and reconstruction works.

YPF also informed on the normal operation of its Liquefied Petroleum Gas plant (GLP).

Source: Télam

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  1. So the Governor can just say “stop sending money. The victims have enough already!”? Seems a bit odd.

  2. Does anyone know if floods happen in Buenos Aires and La Plata on a regular basis? Or was this just one hell of a freak storm and completely unexpected?

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