Mexico – Floods in Veracruz After Storm Dumps 221mm of Rain

At least 1 person has died after severe weather in Veracruz State, Mexico on 11 June.

Mexico’s met agency Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) reported 221.2 mm of rain in 24 hours in the city of Veracruz on 11 June. Flooding was reported in areas around the city, and in the north of the state, in particular the municipality of Papantla, where some areas were cut off.

According to local media reports, flood waters of up to 1 metre deep were reported in parts of Veracruz City, where houses were damaged and around 900 families were affected. One fatality was reported in Ignacio de la Llave municipality.

Heavy rain was also reported in other parts of southern Mexico, including in Jacatepec in Oaxaca, where 123.5 mm fell in 24 hours on 11 June, as well as the state of Chiapas and Tabasco, where 58.4 mm fell in Macuspana. More heavy rain is forecast for southern states, many of which are still recovering from the ravages of Tropical Storm Cristobal that hit on 03 June.

Meanwhile severe weather rain was also recently reported in the capital, Mexico City, where heavy rain and hail on 08 June caused havoc on the city’s streets.

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