Nicaragua – Hundreds Evacuate After Escondido River Overflows

Heavy rain has continued to fall in parts of Central America, causing overflowing rivers and floods in areas of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Local media in Nicaragua are reporting that the Escondido river has overflowed in El Rama after several days of heavy rain. The flooding occurred between 09 and 10 July 2015.

The municipality of El Rama, in Nicaragua’s South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, sits directly on the banks of the Escondido river. According to figures from Nicaragua’s meteorological department, levels of the Escondido at El Rama rose rapidly from under 2 metres on 09 July to around 7 metres by late 10 July 2015. Levels are currently just under 6 metres and falling.

Local authorities have reported that around 100 homes in El Rama were flooded. Hundreds of people have been forced from their homes, with around 70 staying in a temporary shelter, while others are in hostels or homes of friends or relatives. Local authorities are providing some food and other essentials for those affected.

Costa Rica

Neighbouring Costa Rica has endured flooding for the last 2 weeks, at one point over 1,000 people were forced from their homes.

As of 10 July 2015, CNE, Costa Rica’s disaster management agency, reported that over 700 people remain in shelters, displaced by the flooding. The majority of those displaced are in ​​Sarapiqui. Luis Guillermo Solís, the President of Costa Rica, visited the affected areas of Sarapiqui on 09 July 2015.

The red level severe weather alerts for parts of northern Costa Rica have since been downgraded as improved weather conditions are expected over the next few days.