Nicaragua – Floods Leave 2 Dead, Homes Damaged

Disaster authorities in Nicaragua reported on 27 May, 2019, that flooding has affected several areas of the country after days of heavy rain. Two fatalities were reported, as well damage to 760 homes.

The country’s National System for the Prevention of Disaster Mitigation and Response (Sistema Nacional para la Prevención, Mitigación y Atención de Desastres – SINAPRED) said 31 municipalities in 15 Departments have been affected. The worst hit were Rivas, Boaco, Masaya, Chontales and Carazo.

Some flooding was first reported in the country after the heavy rain began on 22 May, where an initial 400 families were affected, mostly from minor and temporary water-logging in their homes. Further heavy rain since then has increased the number of affected families to 824 as of 27 May.

In a statement, SINAPRED said that 502 mm of rain had fallen in Rivas in a 6 day period.