Official Figures on La Plata Floods, Argentina

Yesterday, Tuesday 25 March 2014, the Argentine Justice Ministry released some official figures regarding the death toll of the La Plata floods of April 2013, confirming that 89 people died in the disaster.

The floods hit La Plata after a massive thunderstorm swept across the region. Buenos Aires, which lies around 60km (37 miles) north, was also badly hit, although La Plata bore the brunt of the flooding.

La Plata floods
Flooding in the streets of La Plata, Argentina, April 2013

At the time there was some confusion and controversy regarding the number of fatalities. Originally local media reports varied widely, estimating that between 40 and 70 people had died. The official figures have been released after an investigation into the flood disaster by the Argentine Justice Ministry. Judge Luis Arias made the announcement, and went to great lengths to clarify the number of fatalities.

Floods in La Plata
Victims of the Floods in La Plata