Peru – Thousands Affected by Flooding and Landslides in Five Regions

As many as 10 people have died after heavy rain, flooding and landslides in Peru since 07 February, 2019.

President Martin Vizcarra said on 11 February that 8,000 people have been affected and 1,800 made homeless. Flooding and landslides have damaged or destroyed bridges, roads, homes, health centres and schools. The regions of Arequipa, Ancash, Loreto, Tacna and Moquegua have all been affected.

Flood damage in Tacna Peru, February 2019. Photo: COEN Peru

Arequipa Region

A disaster has been declared in 40 districts of Arequipa Region after heavy rainfall caused flooding and landslides from around 08 February. The districts under a state of disaster are located in the provinces of Arequipa, Camana, Caraveli, Castilla, Cayllona, Condesuyos and La Union.

Peru’s National Civil Defence Institute (Indeci) said that homes and roads have been damaged.  Five people are thought to have died in Cayma District, Arequipa Province.

Ancash Region

In Ancash Region the Pomabamba river overflowed in Pomabamba Province on 07 February, affecting over 100 people and severely damaging 20 homes as well as bridges and roads. At least 1 person reportedly died. The Government will declare a state of emergency in the affected areas.

Loreto Region

Areas of the city of Yurimaguas in the province of Alto Amazonas, were under 50cm of water after the Huallaga River overflowed on 11 February, 2019.

According to National Meteorology and Hydrology Service of Peru (SENAMHI), levels of the Huallaga reached 135 metres (above sea level) on 11 February, above critical level of 133.5 metres.

Levels of the Huallaga River at Yurimaguas, Peru. Image: SENAMHI

Tacna Region

Heavy rain and mudslides occurred on 08 February affected parts of Jorge Basadre and Pachia Provinces. At least 1 person died and around 500 homes were damaged.

Moquegua Region

In Moquegua Region the Moquegua river has overflowed in Mariscal Nieto Province, affecting about 120 homes as well as schools, a water treatment plant and bridges, including the Montalvo bridge which collapsed causing major transport problems on routes linking Arequipa, Moquegua, and Tacna regions.

Montalvo bridge destroyed by floods in February 2019 in Moquegua, Peru. Image: COEN

January Flood Events in Peru

The recent flooding follows several flood and heavy rain events the previous month.

In mid January 2019, flooding in Junín Region destroyed as many as 30 homes in Pichanaqui district of Chanchamayo Province when the Nacientes Cuviriani and Aguas Blancas rivers overflowed on 11 January.

Heavy rain from 26 January caused a hotel building to collapse in Abancay province, Apurímac Region, where reportedly 15 people died.

Indeci reported on 30 January that flooding had also damaged 120 houses in the Municipality of Tacna, Tacna Department.

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