Peru – Floods in Junín and Cusco

Peru’s National Institute of Civil Defence (INDECI) reports that recent flooding in the central regions of Junín and Cusco has damaged or destroyed around 35 homes as well as roads, a bridge and a school.


Flooding occurred after heavy rainfall from around 19 April 2021. The National Meteorology and Hydrology Service of Peru (SENAMHI) reported 68mm of rain fell in 24 hours to 20 April in Pichari town, capital of the Pichari District, La Convención Province, Cusco Region.

INDECI said the heavy rain caused the overflow of the Cuscomayo, San Martín, Santa Fe and Otari rivers in the district, affecting areas of Otari Nativo, Nogalpampa, Puerto Mayo, Santa Fe and Tankirwato. One house was completely destroyed, displacing 1 family, while 16 other homes were damaged, affecting around 100 people. Stretches of road, a bridge and a school were also damaged.

Also on 20 April 20, heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Kimbiri district of La Convencion province. Roads and 9 homes were damaged affecting 9 families.


Indeci reported heavy rain caused the Paquichari river to overflow on 20 April 2021, flooding homes and roads in Vizcatán del Ene district, Satipo province in Junín Region. Nine homes were damaged and 9 families affected.