California – Flooding Hits Areas Burned by Wildfires

Flash flooding affected fire-scarred areas of Northern California on Thursday, 29 November, 2018.

Flooding bit the burn scar areas of Butte County, California, November 2018. Photo: Butte County Fire Dept

People were rescued from flooded homes and vehicles trapped in flooding near Paradise and Chico in Butte County. Butte County Sheriff’s Office issued evacuation orders, although it is unknown how many people evacuated their homes as a result of the flooding.

A powerful storm on 29 November brought strong winds, heavy rain and some snow in mountainous areas. NWS Sacramento said via Social Media, “Heavy rainfall over the western portions of the Camp Fire during the last 6 hours. Radar estimates from 2 to 4 inches have caused significant flooding.”

Butte County is the location of the devastating Camp Fire wildfire that began in early November. As of late November, officials said 88 people had died and nearly 14,000 homes destroyed.


Wind, rain and waves data from the storm in California, late November 2018. Image: NWS Bay Area

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