Floods Hit Central States in USA

Further flooding has struck several states across mid USA. Parts of Kansas suffered from flash floods on 4th August. However flooding has now hit Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee, as well as parts of Kansas yet again.

The flooding has been caused my huge amounts of rainfall over the last few days. Nashville, Tennessee, saw around 20cm of rain in just a few hours. Arkansas had around 25cm fall in Benton County. Kansas and Oklahoma had around 15cm of rain.

Missouri has suffered the worst of the flooding so far. Heavy rain has bombarded the state over the last few days. Waynesville saw as much as 38cm of rain 48 hours. 100s of homes were damaged and people had to be rescued and evacuated from some of the flooded areas. The floods closed various roads, including the 44 Interstate for some time, although it is understood the Interstate is now fully opened again.

As many as 3 people are believed to have been killed in the flooding so far. All the deaths occurred in Missouri. A woman in Missouri died early on Thursday 8th August in her car, which was hit by raging floodwaters in McDonald County, Missouri. A car was washed away by floodwaters near Waynesville, Missouri on Tuesday 6th August. The driver, a young woman, is reported as still missing, although hopes of finding her alive are fading. The only passenger, the driver’s young son, was reported as killed in the accident.

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Sources: BBC; ABC