Flash Floods Kill 22 in Afghanistan

Flash floods have continued in Afghanistan. On 4th August I reported that 70 people had died in floods around Kabul, eastern Nuristan, Laghman and Khost provinces in central Afghanistan.

Flooding has continued to hit both Pakistan and Afghanistan at various times since then. Heavy rain on 10th August flooded parts of Kabul province and city, Maidan Wardak, Paktika, Kapisa and Parwan provinces, leaving 22 people dead, houses and vehicles swept away, as well as orchards, crops and livestock destroyed. Many of those who died are thought to be women and children in a village in the Shakardara district in the central area of Kabul province. Reports say many of the victims were in their vehicles which were swept away and submerged as the raging flood waters hit.

Aid and relief agencies including Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMA) and Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) are working desperately to ease the situation.

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Sources: BBC