6 Killed in Japan Floods

floods in Japan 2013Northern Japan suffered torrential rain over the period from 9th to 10th August, which lead to flooding and landslides in the region. Iwate and Akita prefectures are the areas that have been most affected. Reports claim that 5 people have been killed and a further 2 people are missing as a result of floods or landslides.

The rain and storms are believed to be a result of a major heat wave that was earlier seen in China and has since moved over Japan in recent days. On Friday 9th August, streets were flooded and 300 people had to be evacuated in Yahaba, Iwate. Various buildings were damaged by the flooding or landslides. Also in Iwate, one person was killed after being buried under a landslide in the city of Hanamaki. Another person, belived to be a 62 year old man, was found dead in a swollen river near the town of Nishiwaga.

In Senboku, Akita prefecture, about 12cm of rain fell in just 4 hours during Friday 9th August.

The Japan Times says:

By Friday night, Senboku had seen a record 88 mm of rain per hour, with more than 270 mm having pelted the town since the morning — topping the average monthly rainfall for August.

According to the Japan Times, four people were killed in Senboku when 8 houses were crushed in a landslide. A further person remained missing as of Saturday 10th August. Rescue teams including police and fire fighters carried out searches.

Below is a video report from when these recent floods in Japan first began.

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