Flash Floods in St Lucie County, Florida

While the rest of the USA freezes, parts of Florida are seeing huge amounts of rainfall. In Fort Pierce, St Lucie County, more than 15cm (6 inches) of rain fell in just a 2 hour period yesterday, Thursday 9 January 2014. The heavy rain cased some severe flash flooding and many roads in the area had to be closed to traffic. Some reports claim there is as much as 60cm (24 inches) of flood water on some roads.

floods st lucie county florida
Photo: twitter.com/CBS12

Local police advised people to stay off the roads. Flood warnings remained in effect at least until later today, Friday 10 January. Public schools in the area will be closed today. The Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County has advised residents to take precautions against disease-causing organisms in flood water.

There have also been flood warnings for Palm Beach County and some reports claim flood water is already on the roads in the City of Boynton there. Coastal Florida is familiar with flooding, although usually from hurricanes and extreme high tides.

Elsewhere in USA there have been numerous reports of flooding as a result of burst water pipes and water mains after the big freeze. There is also some concern now that, should a spell of warmer weather follow the cold snap as predicted, there could well be many floods as a result of snow melt. Flooding In Skowhegan, central Maine, just a few days ago was the result of rainfall unable to drain away as normal since the catch basins in the town were all frozen.

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Sources: CBS 12