Venezuela – Fatalities and Evacuations After Floods Hit Several States

Heavy rainfall since mid-April has caused flooding in several states in Venezuela. President Nicolás Maduro announced the activation of the country’s National Risk System on 26 April 2022 in order to deal with the situation.

A landslide triggered by heavy rain destroyed 10 buildings in Caracas on 26 April 2022. Photo: Alcaldía De Caracas


Thousands of families have been affected by floods in Sur del Lago de Maracaibo sub-region in Zulia state. Swollen rivers and failing embankments led to flooding in the municipalities of Sucre, Francisco Javier Pulgar, Colón and Catatumbo from around 20 April 2022. Homes, roads, livestock and crops have all been damaged. As of 28 April the national government reported 4,000 families affected. The state government said several communities have been evacuated. Work has started on repairing river embankments and distributing relief supplies to affected communities.


Heavy rain has also taken its toll in the neighbouring state of Mérida. One person died in floodwaters on 19 April in the municipality of Caracciolo Parra and another in Alberto Adriani municipality on 21 April after a landslide buried a house. The municipality Obispo Ramos de Lora declared a state of emergency on 22 April after more than 250 families were affected and at least 25 homes damaged or destroyed following flooding from the Guachizón river.


The capital city Caracas has also seen heavy rain over the last few days. In a 48 hour period to 28 April, the city recorded 180 mm of rain, which is around 3 times the monthly average for April, according to Venezuela’s National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh).

The heavy rain caused a landslide in the Los Flores de Catia neighbourhood. Authorities in Caracas reported at least 10 buildings collapsed. It is not clear if there were any fatalities or injuries.

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