Venezuela – Hundreds Displaced After Floods in Barinas, Táchira and Miranda

Flooding has affected hundreds of people across the states of Barinas, Táchira and Miranda in Venezuela over the last few days. Dozens of families have been displaced after homes were damaged or destroyed.

Flood damage in Sucre, Miranda, Venezuela, August 2022. Photo: Venezuela Civil Protection

In Barinas state, the Socopó River broke its banks flooding wide areas of Socopó municipality from 09 August 2022. Nine homes were destroyed or severely damaged. At least 53 families have been forced to evacuate. In total around 2,300 residents have been affected.

Around 140 families were affected and 28 houses damaged or destroyed after severe flooding in Capacho Viejo municipality in Táchira state, close to the border with North Santander Department of Colombia.

Meanwhile around 120 homes were damaged in the municipality of Sucre, in the state of Miranda, close to Caracas, Venezuela’s capital.

On 10 August 2022 the national government activated national risk system (Centro Nacional De Control De Emergencias y Desastres – CENACED) in response to the floods in Barinas, Táchira and Miranda and in anticipation of further heavy rainfall.

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