Afghanistan – 39 Died in Flash Floods in Late July, UN Says

The United Nations reports that as many as 39 people lost their lives in flash floods in Afghanistan during the last week of July 2022.

Heavy rain and flash floods struck the country in May this year, and again in June, where at least 19 people died, and throughout July. Over 30 people lost their lives in rain and flood related events in a period from 05 to 13 July.

According to a recent report from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, a further 39 people died in floods in the country during a period from 24 July 2022 to 01 August 2022. Fatalities occurred in the provinces of Daykundi (1), Ghazni (10), Hirat (2), Kandahar (9), Khost (2), Laghman (1), Nangarhar (8) and Paktya (6). At least 16 people were injured in Ghazni (3), Nangarhar (11), and Paktya (2).

UN OCHA added that the unseasonal rains have damaged or destroyed at least 1,206 houses in Farah (303), Ghazni (132), Hirat (45), Nangarhar (126), Paktika (100), and Paktya (500) and affected more than 3,013 families across Bamyan (121), Ghor (4), Kandahar (503), Khost (325), Kunar (28), Laghman (22), Nangarhar (981), Uruzgan (750) and Zabul (279) provinces.

The destruction of crops and livestock has impacted livelihoods, while roads and bridges and irrigation systems have also been damaged.

The UN said that affected communities report needing emergency shelter, non-food items, food and water, sanitation, and hygiene support as an immediate priority.