Venezuela – Deadly Floods Strike Again in Aragua State

At least 3 people have died after more flooding in the state of Aragua in northern Venezuela. This is the second major flood event in the state this month.

Flood damage in Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela, October 2022. Photo: Government of Girardot Municipality

Heavy rain on the 17 October caused flooding in northern areas of Maracay, capital city of Aragua State and areas of Girardot Municipality. Mudflows and landslides from the surrounding mountain slopes were also reported.

Girardot government officials said El Castaño, Corozal and Palmarito neighbourhoods have all been severely affected after the Palmarito creek broke its banks. The officials confirmed 3 fatalities and said at least 50 homes have been damaged or destroyed. Roads have been damaged or blocked, impeding access.

Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela, visited the area on 17 October.

At least 50 people died and more are still missing after catastrophic flooding and landslides in the town of Tejerias, Aragua, on 08 October. Over 300 homes were destroyed and hundreds of others damaged.

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