11 Killed in Iraq Floods

Southern and central parts of Iraq have seen around 3 days of continued heavy rainfall that has brought flash floods to many parts of the country. The rain first began on 18 November. During a 24 hour period from 19 to 20 November, 112mm of rain fell in Karbala governorate in central Iraq, and 78mm of rain fell in Amarah, Maysah governorate, in south eastern Iraq. The capital, Baghdad has also been affected.

floods iraq
A family in Iraq escapes the flooding by boat. Photo: twitter.com/TheJenabi

The heavy rainfall caused rivers to overflow and buildings to collapse. 11 people have been reported as killed in the floods so far. In southern Iraq, 6 people died in the city of Nasiriyah, Dhi Qar, and 3 in Diwaniyah, Al Qadisyyah. In central Iraq, 2 people died in Babel govenorate. The governorate has declared a state of emergency. Governor of Babel province, Sadeq Madlol al-Sultani, called for worship places to open their doors to those affected by the floods.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers yesterday voted to allocate a billion Iraqi Dinar for each province affected by the floods.