Sardinia Floods Update

The deadly floods in Sardinia that followed the huge amounts of rainfall are now believed to have killed at least 17 people. “Cyclone Cleopatra” as the storm has been labelled, dumped as much as 450mm of rain in just 1.5 hours overnight, 18 to 19 November.

  • Death toll now believed to be between 17 and 19
  • Several people still missing
  • 46 injured
  • Between 1,700 to 2,000 or more displaced
  • 6,000 without power
  • Around 20,000 people affected
  • 450mm of rain in an hour and a half overnight
  • Military are working on rescue and relief missions
  • Fire service alone has carried out 600 rescue missions since Monday
  • Rescue efforts are being hampered by damage to roads and collapsed bridges
  • Government has declared a state of emergency
  • Government promised 20 million euros in emergency funds ($27 million)

Although there are still several missing, the authorities believe they the worst of the emergency is over.

Among the dead are a Brazilian family of four who drowned in their basement flat in the town of Arzachena, in the northern part of the island. In a seperate incident, a mother and daughter were found dead in their car after it was swept away by flood water in Olbia. Three people from another family died when a bridge collapsed onto their vehicle near Olbia. A 64 year old woman died in her home after it was flooded. She lived in Uras, in the south west of the island. Her husband was also caught in the floods and is currently in hospital suffering from hypothermia.

La Caletta, Sardinia. Photo:
La Caletta, Sardinia. Photo:

BBC News Report:

Further severe weather continues in Italy. Calabria and Campania in southern Italy are now suffering from heavy rainfall and strong winds